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They always have those angles that are innovative, refreshing, and result-oriented. Only issues that really matter are being dealt with. Their function as a sounding board of the management board is executed to utter satisfaction. 


  • The importance of the organization is clearly set forward;
  • Result-oriented and determined;
  • Clear, project-oriented approach;
  • Act together;
  • Extension of our organization;
  • Headstrong approach appeals to me;
  • Efficient mirroring.


We have a sustainable relationship. In 2014, this relationship will be further defined. Therefore, several points of attention are already on our agenda. 



Ten Kate Huizinga
200 employees

Progressive sparring partner of entrepreneurs in the field of accountancy, tax consultation, corporate finance, staff and salary administration, retirement consultation, and restructuring. 

Forms of training

  • Individual
  • In groups
  • Blended
  • Programmes

Tan Kate Huizinga

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