Outplacement programmes, re-integration programmes and mediation programmes

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All programmes have been finished to everyone’s satisfaction. They know well how to break congested patterns. HetWerkt can realize the deep dreams of employees. 


  • Core=daring: ”To take people explicitly serious and be honest”, that is the philosophy we share;
  • Their decisiveness appeals to me;
  • Good, professional, honesty and directness is what they stand for;
  • Myself, I am someone who aims to get a result for all parties, and HetWerkt is not an advocate for employer or employee, they take care of the result for all parties. 


To offer new chances to employees fits our organization’s ‘caring and curing’. It goes without saying that we will keep on hiring the services of HetWerkt.  


Saxion Hogescholen
2.297 employees

Hoger Vocational Education with 284 courses in Enschede Deventer, Hengelo and Apeldoorn

Forms of training

  • Individual;
  • Blended.

Saxion Hogeschool

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