Empowermend, outplacement, re-integration 1st/2nd track, mediation and coaching

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There are many positive reactions from both participants as other people involved. “I can continue” is something I often hear. They get our employees out of their rusted patterns. A clear focus allows a sustainable outcome. 


  • The direct style appeals to me;
  • It is “what you see is what you get”;
  • Collaboration is open and honest;
  • Coaching goes along with much passion and vitality;
  • Strict project leadership, also in matter of reports;
  • They give advice and dare to stay critical, that fits Saxion;
  • When HetWerkt takes the programme in hand, they arrange everything, which takes away our worries. 


As a professional, I like to make an intuitive choice, HetWerkt delivers a good job. That is why we choose to keep working with them. 


Saxion Hogeschool
2.297 employees

Higher Vocational Education with 100 courses in Enschede, Hengelo, Deventer and Apeldoorn.

Forms of training

  • Individual.

Saxion Hogeschool

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