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The outcome of the first programme was better than we expected. As a consequence, we hired HetWerkt again and again. Feedback of our collaborators:” I have someone at my side now, who makes me see the light”. 


  • HetWerkt is decisive, patient, sharp, but also critical toward us as commissioner. That works for us, because that is why you hire a professional agency;
  • Personal approach;
  • Not only the velvet glove, but also holding up a mirror;
  • They have a case full of various components that they apply differently on situations and people; 


It certainly worked for us and that is why we will undoubtedly work a lot together again with HetWerkt in the future.  


For Farmers
2200 employees

Ambitious Transport Company in North Western Europe

Forms of training

  • Individual;
  • Blended.

For Farmers

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