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  • You feel tired. It is almost going the wrong way. You want to feel energetic again.
  • You have dropped out. You cannot cope anymore. You want to rebuild your energy.
  • You want to handle things differently. Who can help you to actually do that?
  • You are on the way back. How can you go to work again?


  • This is an intensive weekly training, in which the coach and the coached review together several aspects of an upcoming burn-out.
  • They work in finding an internal and external balance, as to recognize from there the developments which is needed to recognize and prevent symptoms of a burn-out;
  • Is a burn-out present, the coach can help to shorten the process, and at returning after a burn-out, the coach helps with the re-integration and return to the work space;
  • Our coaches teach candidates to detect their questions themselves and to find a solution for now and afterwards. The candidates make their own manual as guidebook for possible challenges later in their career.


Coaching possibilities

  • 1-on-1 coaching for which the period becomes visible after the intake meeting.
  • Through an online programme (optionally with an online coach)
  • Blended variant with job coaching.

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