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  • You avoid annoying situations, such as dominant colleagues or conflicts;
  • You only realize afterwards what you really wanted to say during the conversation;
  • You find it hard to say ‘no’, and you often do not sound decisive and clear;
  • You find it hard to give your opinion during meetings/conversations or to stick to them;
  • You are aware that you can do better and you want to enhance your capacities; 


  • Be aware of own talents and ambitions, and act more from your internal power;
  • You present your view in a decisive manner, so it has more impact;
  • After the Assertiveness Training, you will be better able to set your limits:
  • You can criticize and give feedback in a clear way, and you can easier ask help from others;
  • You will be better in taking initiative, and you act in a pro-active way. You feel more certain in difficult situations;
  • You know how to act in (upcoming) conflict situations and you experience less tension in stressful situations. 


Coaching possibilities

  • 1-on-1 coaching: generally 8 to 12 sessions of 2 hours, next to the preliminary intake, tests, and assessment  
  • Through an online programme (optionally combined with online coach) or Blended variant.

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