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Programme training negotiation coaching

  • Explanation of the phases of behaviour change;
  • The continuum of the phases from resistance to commitment and the characteristics that accompany it;
  • The basic principles of negotiation: express empathy, go along with resistance, ask open questions, reflective listening, confirm, summarize, and provoke changing language;  reflectively;
  • Techniques to bend and deal with resistance;
  • Overview of resistance language, ambivalence, changing language, and commitment language;
  • Use coaching negotiation to map talents and strengths, detect underlying motives, and come to an ideal work situation to impose new behaviour. 


  • In the Negotiation Coaching course, you will learn why someone sticks to his pattern and how to make this visible; 
  • Steer the differences in resistance, ambivalence, changing language, and commitment language, and the phases of behaviour change; 
  • Acquire the basic principles of motivating negotiation; 
  • You learn to recognize resistance language and underlying ambivalence (be torn between two ideas) and to change it into an inner motivation of the other to change using the correct negotiation interventions;
  • As a result, you will be able to move the interlocutor by asking the right questions during the accompanying phases. 


Number of participants
4 to 6 persons 

Blended training forms

  • 1-day or 3-days, depending on preliminary knowledge
  • As a management programme over several (2-4) day parts.

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