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After the Interview Techniques Course, you can:

  • Better recognize and handle body language signals;
  • Listen empathically and objectively;
  • Get used to handle tools by question profoundly, listen actively, and make use of silences;
  • Make use of pleasant conversation opening sentences;
  • Better understand and deal with reserved, dominant and difficult types;
  • Keep control over the conversation as not to miss any aspect of it;
  • Observe if, and to what extent, additional behavior and circumstances have influence on the outcome of the discussion;
  • Understand all aspects to make the undefined click;
  • The Interview Training Technique also allows you to acquire tricks to draw up a solid interview report;  


Number of participants
4 to 6 persons. 

Blended training forms

  • As a 1-day mini training;
  • As a programme over several day parts;
  • As a 1-to-1 training with a personal coach in three sessions of three hours.

We adapt the content to the organization objective, knowledge and experience, time available, learning style, budget, and development wish of participant(s).

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