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Programme training influence and negotiation

  • ‘Ins en outs” of negotiation methodologies and styles;  
  • Manage negotiations;
  • Influential aspects and rules of behaviour;
  • Learn how to put the other at ease and to build a relationship of trust;
  • Verbal en non-verbal influential styles and –technics; 
  • Influential strategies;
  • Receive tools to recognize during a conversation what you need. What do I want, what do I get;
  • Manage the conversation and recognize the many forms of distraction;
  • Deal efficiently and easily with price discussions and discounts;
  • Recognize and counter existing purchaser tricks;


You will:

  • Better understand all the phases of a negotiation;
  • Map your negotiation style and learn to master more styles;
  • Enhance your knowledge of human nature through the most important non-verbal signals in negotiations;
  • Learn from A to Z how to draw up a and prepare a discussion structure;
  • Learn to deal with purchaser tricks, fake objections, and false arguments;
  • Learn to master discussion techniques to efficiently ask questions at the right moment;;
  • Better understand how to determine the real need;
  • Recognize and counter inevitable objections;
  • Understand the human and psychological backgrounds in negotiations;


Number of participants
4 to 6 persons.

Blended training forms

  • 1-day or 2-days, depending on preliminary knowledge;
  • As a programme of several (4-6) day parts.

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