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  • Determine role and responsibility  in customer focus;
  • Set a definition for ‘customer’;
  • Determine the customer’s norms and values;
  • Determine the organization’s framework conditions;
  • Customer-oriented think and acting ;
  • Acquire customer focused skills and learn to listen;
  • Assertive communication and remaining customer focused;
  • Customer-oriented presentation;
  • Determine the customer’s need and translate it into your own customer-oriented acting;
  • Learn to apply a customer-oriented complaint procedure;
  • Define and implement internal customer focused.


After the Customer-oriented Thinking and Acting Course, you will have a good understanding of the importance of customer focused thinking and acting, and of your role. You will acquire essential skills to deal with the needs and wishes of internal and external clients. 


Number of participants
4 to 6 persons.

Blended training forms

  • As a 1 day- or 2 day-course, depending on preliminary knowledge;
  • As a tailor-made programme over several (2-4) day parts.

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