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Programme training customer-oriented calling

  • Phoning methodologies;
  • Get a grip on a telephone conversation;
  • Learn how to use expectation management;
  • Follow up and handle difficult conversations effectively and professionally
  • Enhance listening skills and learn to listen empathically;
  • Increase your service and politeness quotient;
  • Understand the general etiquette and aspects of professional telephone use
  • Take and pass on incoming calls in a professional way;
  • In this phoning course, you will learn how to lead a conversation by asking the right questions using efficient question techniques.


  • Make uniform commitments on handling phone calls;
  • Understand everything that comes with phone conversations;
  • Be better prepared to deal with angry and emotional phone conversations;
  • Recognize and counter the four (fake) objections and false arguments;
  • Acquire conversational techniques to effectively ask questions at the right moment;
  • Detect the tools you get to find out what the real need is; 
  • Understand the human and psychological background of a phone conversation;
  • Understand methodologies how to effectively deal with several kinds of difficult types.


Number of participants
4 to 6 persons

Blended Training forms

  • Independently via an online programme;
  • As a 1 day- or 2 day-course, depending on preliminary knowledge
  • As a programme over several (2-4) day parts.

We adapt the content to organisation objectives, knowledge and experience, time available, learning style, budget, and development wish of the participant(s).

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