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Programme training communicating effectively

  • In the communication course, you determine your own communication style;
  • Understand communication etiquette;
  • Leary’s Rose: how to keep everything in hand when things get difficult;  
  • Find the blind spots in your communication repertoire;
  • Question techniques and clarifying the question;
  • Feedback skills: giving and receiving feedback;
  • 360-degrees feedback: face reality with feedback from your environment; 
  • LSA: listening, summarizing and keep on asking. The  basis of efficient communication; 
  • Deal with fraught conversations and negative emotions;
  • You can apply methodologies, as to be able to deal more efficiently with difficult types;


  • Understand your characteristic communication style and the effect it has on others;
  • You learn to communicate in three other ways then only about content, and also to read between the lines, or to detect what is not being said;
  • You discover what personality color means (L. de Caluwé);
  • You narrate about your way of communicating and the click you have with others;
  • Finally, you learn of course all you need to know about body language; 


Number of participants
4 to 6 persons.

Blended training forms

  • As 1-day or 2-day, depending on preliminary knowledge;
  • As a tailor-made programme over several (2-4) day parts. 

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