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  • Group dynamics;
  • Meetings;
  • How you can influence group dynamics: interventions in teams;
  • Give and receive feedback;
  • Mutual individual communication styles of all team members;
  • Improve performances in teams;
  • Membership and leadership;
  • Handling conflicts in teams.


After the collaboration programme, your team has:

  • Improved ways of collaboration and enhanced the contribution to the organization and the pleasure of working together.
  • An efficient communication among each other;
  • Divided the team roles and knows how dynamic processes work;
  • Understanding of the influence those processes have on the team’s performances;
  • A clear division of roles for those processes;
  • Experience in influencing the group process to the benefit of the team’s performances; 


Number of participants
4 to 6 persons.

Blended training forms

  • As a 1-day mini training;
  • As a programme over several (3-5) day parts;
  • As a 1-to-1 training with a personal coach in two sessions of 4 hours. 

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