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  • You are so busy, but you do not always set the right priorities;
  • Your inbox is always filled with e-mails and tasks, your head with sorrows and problems;
  • Sometimes you lose the overview and you try to finish everything feverishly;
  • You suffer from stress and you panic lightly when thinking about your work;
  • You fear you can never finish the task list.


  • This is a brief coaching in which you will review several aspects of time management together with your coach;
  • You will work at setting a renewed priority list;
  • Personality plays an important part in working more effectively; delegating and letting go or perfectionism can be points of development in the coaching;
  • Improving assertiveness and boundary control;
  • Our time management coaches teach candidates to detect their problems and find solutions themselves.


Coaching possibilities

  • 1-on-1 coaching: in general 8 to 12 sessions of 2 hours, next to the preliminary intake, tests, and assessment;  
  • Via an online programme (optionally with online coach) or just Blended.

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