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  • Formulating an individual and team objective; 
  • You will understand your own natural behaviour pattern versus allocation of tasks;
  • You will learn about the effect your attitude has on others;
  • You will learn to gauge others on the basis of their qualities, and as such you can lead a team in an effective team composition, which fits in the organizational context;
  • We look into the different phases of team development and you will learn which interventions are the most appropriate;
  • We work with own practice cased or familiar situations;
  • Your unique qualities to the new role as team coach. 


  • Our team coaching focuses on the process of common understanding, feeling and improving open communication, and effective cooperation.
  • You will use your individual and team qualities optimally to reach optimal team development;
  • Thanks the optimal team development, your team can work constructively towards a professional collaboration in an open environment.
  • People will respect and make more use of each one’s qualities;
  • The starting point is working and thinking from a secure climate in a pleasant and open environment;
  • Teams can be guided in team phases from beginner’s phase to adult phase; 


Coaching possibilities

  • Tailor-made programme in a group over 4-5 day parts;
  • Blended variant in addition to the programme above, in combination with online modules.

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