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The re-integration programme with a coach of HetWerkt follows a transparent approach and a clear schedule. Only ‘talking’ does not solve many things.

Fixed components of the re-integration programme

  • Get experience;
  • Bring developments into practice;
  • Practise improved skills;
  • Understanding, analysis, and action. 

You will be stimulated to work with concrete plans and alternatives, with which practical support is possible. Various models and thinking methods from the world of coaching, psychology, management, marketing, and didactic are checked against the concept: promoting acceptation, positive setting, and ability to reframe, stimulate qualities and focus on outcome. Only components that form a surplus value will be applied.

The guidance in the re-integration program focuses primarily on the development process from the conviction that everyone has the necessary sources required to solve a problem, and that problems which you solve yourself are better than offered wisdom.


A successful re-integration in the own work space within the organization, without a chance of drop out because of the same syndrome. 


Programme period

Depending on the case, both content and period are set on a per case basis. 

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