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It is easy to imagine that you do not feel well anymore within your organization. Nothing fits anymore; nothing is satisfactory or becomes redundant. A separation between employer and employee does not say anything about the person, but about the extent in which employer and employee still fit together. With an adapted outplacement programme, we try to find a solution in which both parties feel comfortable. 


In Outplacement we divide 5 phases:

Phase 1: The orientation phase

Here the reasons for outplacement and the commitments with your employer are discussed. You will be informed about the content of the guidance. Depending on your specific demands, a personal outplacement roadmap is set. 

Phase 2: the personalized phase

This focuses on getting a better understanding of your own skills, interests, motives, ambitions, and personal characteristics. We will check of they are transferable to other functional areas, so new future possibilities can be found. Options as freelance activities, interim management, starting up an own company are being looked into. 

Phase 3: (Self-) development and Coaching

In this phase we will look if specific areas of knowledge and skills should be improved. If further training is required to find an appropriate job. We will discuss if coaching and self-development should be programmed separately in the outplacement process.

Phase 4: Market approach

Here you will focus very actively on the labour market. Specific attention is given to writing application letters, drawing up a resume that is in line with market practice, and holding network meetings and recruitment interviews. If and when necessary, HetWerkt will work actively to find ‘silent’ job vacancies.

Phase 5: Preparation new job

When an offer of a potential employer appears, you will be advised on the way of negotiating terms of employment and the employment contract. Guidance is possible during the trial period.


Programme period

You can buy our outplacement programme in phases. 

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