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Online Training programmes

  1. Communication: from body language to meta-communication.
  2. Time mangement: from quick work space profit to setting priorities.
  3. Assertiveness: from saying no to effective thoughts.
  4. Stress management: from having to, wanting to and be able to to setting boundaries..
  5. Working customer-oriented: from listening and asking in depth to steering the client..
  6. Leadership: from styles to group influence and inspiring leadership. 

Online Training Modules

  • Analogue and digital communication;
  • Meta-communication;
  • Listening, summerizing and asking questions in depth;
  • Giving feedback;

  • Dealing with agression;
  • Saying no;
  • Assertive thinking;
  • Leary's Rose;
  • Balance in Energy;
  • Have to, want to, be able to;
  • Effectively handle stress;
  • Steering thoughts;

  • Environment management;
  • Setting priorities;
  • E-mail and schedule management;
  • Delegating for leaders.

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