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Programme training Consultancy Skills

Interpersonal Skills

  • A better understanding of your consultancy style, and exploring other styles;
  • A better understanding of your first impression, credibility, and persuasiveness;
  • Deal with the feeling that you did not have real contact after a counselling session;
  • Raise your insight in human nature with the most important non-verbal signals in counselling sessions;
  • A better understanding of how you can identify real motives: the question behind the question.

Commercial Skills

  • Build a partnership with your client;
  • Create real game rules for quotations;
  • Deal efficiently with paid and unpaid work, and real time management of acquisition and relation management;
  • Better understand how to deal with different (annoying) types;;
  • Better understand the kinds of buy signals and decision criteria in delivering services; 
  • Deal efficiently with purchaser tricks, fake objections, and false arguments.

The consultant as a professional

  • Carry a firm message in a soft and desirable way;
  • Surface the question behind the question;
  • Deal efficiently with the integrity conflict and ethics because of your role as canvasser and consultant;
  • Proficiency in reporting and presenting a consultation; 
  • Examine the stages involved in presentation skills, and positioning yourself, your company, and your services;
  • Better understand the  do’s en don’ts in organization sensitivity within your counselling environment;  
  • Better understand and get attitude training on the position of consultant within Dutch economy.


The Consultancy Skills Training will teach you:

  • How to hold efficient interpersonal conversations at relational, process, and content level;
  • Acquiring business etiquette and -factors that lead to the indefinable turning point;
  • How to deal with tense situations;
  • How to examine the inventory questions: how to make the (whole) issue clear;
  • How to better understand the expectation management: what does your interlocutor expect or not, and how can you exceed those expectations?
  • Examine advisory selling: consultancy strategies, influencing process, and acceptation techniques;
  • Seeking a balance between three roles: that of content expert, consultant, and canvasser. 


Number of participants
4 to 6 persons 

Blended Training forms

  • As a 1 day- or 2 day-course, depending on preliminary knowledge
  • As a programme in several (4-6) day parts.

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